Notícias da ESA (543)

As mais recentes notícias da ESA…

– ESA commits to next stage of UK revolutionary rocket engine

– CryoSat reveals recent Greenland ice loss

– Step to the Stars

– Safeguarding ADM-Aeolus

– Return to light for underground astronauts

– Dragon Cooperation

– A study in scarlet

– Underground pool

– Exposed to space and back on Earth

– On thin ice: Enceladus

– A decade of plant biology in space

– Keeping Gaia’s memory

– CubeSat aircraft tracking

– CAVES: exploring inner space for outer space

– Setting a satellite to catch a satellite

– Malaspina Glacier

– Earth from Space

– Comet cliffs

– Week In Images

– ESA’s Dragon cooperation with China extended to 2020

– ESA at FIA 2016

– And the winner is … satellites for saving energy

– Paving the way

– Registration open for October’s ESA Open Day in the Netherlands

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