NASA hoje (CXV)

As mais recentes notícias da NASA…

NASA Administrator Tours Facility Where New Deep Space Rocket is Being Built .

NASA’s Commercial Crew Partners Aim to Capitalize, Expand on 2013 Successes in 2014.

NASA Sets Coverage Schedule for TDRS-L/Atlas V Launch Events.

NASA TV News Conference, Media Availability with Next Space Station Crew.

NASA Administrator to Tour Glenn Research Center’s Advanced Propulsion Technologies.

NASA Invites Public to Send Names on an Asteroid Mission and Beyond.

NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Releases 2013 Annual Report.

NASA, NOAA To Announce 2013 Global Temperature, Climate Conditions.

NASA Awards Contract for Institutional Services at Wallops.

NASA Tests Orion Spacecraft Parachute Jettison over Arizona.

NASA Announces Partnership Opportunities for U.S. Commercial Lunar Lander Capabilities.

NASA, MIT, DARPA Host Fifth Annual Student Robotics Challenge Jan. 17.

NASA Searches for Climate Change Clues in the Gateway to the Stratosphere.

NASA Commercial Crew Partner SpaceX Tests Dragon Parachute System.

NASA Administrator Surveys Agency’s Work in Advanced Propulsion Technologies.

Media Briefing to Preview Big Year Ahead for NASA Earth Science.

Texas High School Students to Talk Live with Space Station Crew Members.

NASA Finds 2013 Sustained Long-Term Climate Warming Trend.

NASA Receives Mars 2020 Rover Instrument Proposals for Evaluation.

Sierra Nevada Corporation Announces Dream Chaser Expansion along Florida’s Space Coast.

NASA Hosts News Conference About 10 Years of Roving on Mars.

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